energy efficient water heater

Is your family complaining about the cold water in your house?

Your water heater is an important part of your home as your family grows and grows up. If you think about how much use your water heater gets throughout the day, then you’ll realize why it’s important to upgrade if you’re not getting the production that you need.

An energy efficient water heater helps you out now, and in the long run. Think of a life where your bills are cheaper and everything from your dishwasher to your shower works with ease.

In this article, we’ll go over 7 of the biggest reasons why you should upgrade to an energy efficient water heater today.

Let’s get started.

1. You’re in Constant Repair Mode

If you find yourself constantly calling your plumber, then you may want to consider a change. Why continue to fix your old water heater when you could just get a new one that will actually work? 

If you notice rust, consistent leaking, or a faulty TPR valve it might be less worthwhile to fix and more worthwhile to replace. Rust erodes the tank, which leads to big-time leaks. If your TPR valve is faulty, it could mean big trouble via one big explosion.

2. Energy Efficient Water Heater = Less Money Spent

If you didn’t know, it takes up a lot of energy to heat the water every time you need it. If you upgrade now, your energy bills will make up the cost of the replacement over time. 

Modern water heaters have way better insulation, which means that once the water is heated, it stays heated longer with less energy. A new water heater could lower your energy bill by up to 20%!

3. No More Cold Showers

If your water heater actually works, you won’t have anyone taking cold showers. There’s nothing worse than coming home at the end of a long day, turning on the shower, and getting about 3 minutes of good, hot water.

It’s probably enough to convince you to upgrade when your kids are constantly complaining about the lack of hot water. Complaining is one thing, but experiencing it is another entirely.

4. Tankless

One option for you is to go tankless. Many companies are offering this nowadays. Compact and reliable, tankless heaters take up much less space than old water heaters and operate at 99% thermal efficiency. It’s an option.

5. Reliability

The headaches involved in constantly calling up the plumber to get your water heater fixed will be rectified by replacing it entirely. When you move into a house, the water heaters are usually unfortunately old, so you’ll be calling for repairs a lot.

A new water heater will give you reliable hot water for your dishes, laundry, and showers without the trouble of repairs and maintenance.

6. Propane Is Efficient…

A propane water heater will heat water faster than electric heaters and only when you need it. Typically, a water heater accounts for around a quarter of an American home’s energy cost.

Propane heaters are smaller, act faster, and more efficiently. That means that they save you money. 

7. And Lowers Your Carbon Output

Again, propane water heaters only take up about 12 square feet of space. Being so small, coupled with the fact that propane burns cleanly and produces less greenhouse gas emissions, means that your carbon footprint is lowered. Isn’t that what we all want, anyway?

Propane also keeps jobs in America. There are about 150,000 Americans employed in the propane production and distribution sector.

Upgrade Your Water Heater Now

Upgrade to an energy efficient water heater now and see results almost immediately. It’s not fair to you or your family to suffer because your water heater is outdated.

Install a new, energy efficient, propane water heater today and enjoy life with hot water once again.

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