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Eighty percent of US homes are using home heating oil. Out of the 80%, 20% of households are in the Northeast census region. Heating oil is useful in areas where homes have limited access to natural gas. To ensure a constant supply, homeowners have to install storage tanks. The tank should be double walled. It should have a spill container located underneath to reduce oil spills.

Home heating oil is normally used in oil-fired boilers. Depending on the type of oil boiler, oil flows from the tank to the furnace. The feed pipe has a fuel delivery line protective sleeve to prevent spills.

What Is Heating Oil?

This is a distillate fuel used in furnaces, water heaters, and boilers in the US. Heating oil is closely related to diesel fuel but it varies in terms of chemical composition.

As the second most important byproduct of crude oil, it is widely used around the world for heating. In ancient times heating oil was used in stoves for cooking and lanterns for lighting.

In the Northern census region, the demand for heating oil is high during winter. Production of heating oil is in autumn and summer. Delivery of home heating oil is in winter.

How Heating Oil Heats Your Home

Heating oil is primarily used in boilers and furnaces. In the case of furnaces, heating oil flows through the feed pipe and into the heating chamber. Once the furnace is on, the air is heated and the system distributes the heat in the house via ductwork.

When it comes to boilers, water gets heated and produces steam. The system distributes the steam from the boiler via pipes to the radiators. In the case of hot water, the system distributes it via radiant floor systems or coil.

To reach your home, refiners transport heating oil to a local storage terminal. For instance, in the Northern Census region, heating oil gets delivered at the New York Harbor. From there, transportation via barge or rail to different storage facilities. To reach homeowners, contractors deliver heating oil using trucks with storage tanks.

Why Is Heating Dyed Red?

Heating oil in the US is dyed red to distinguish it from other fuels sold. It helps to identify that the oil is exempt from state, local and federal road taxes. These taxes are applied to fuel sold along public highways and roads. Heating oil is not meant for use in a vehicle even a diesel-powered vehicle.

Benefits of Home Heating Oil

Clean and Efficient

Home heating oil keeps homes in the Northern region safe and warm during the cold months of winter. It burns at 1200 degrees Celsius heating air and water faster. This keeps your home comfortable.


Unlike natural gas which can escape in case of a leak and ignite even in the air, heating oil does not burn in case of a spill. The only time heating oil ignites is by using the advanced burning system of your boiler or furnace.

Getting High-Quality Heating Oil at Your Home

As a homeowner, it is wise to choose a reliable heating supplier. He should have a license, be certified, insured and bonded. Not only that. He should be reliable, should offer high-quality home heating oil and great service too.

Are you in search of a house heating oil supplier dedicated to making your home comfortable? We can help. Contact us today!

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